Project Description



March 9- April 28 Plaatjes&Praatjes, Group expo Willem II, GA Den Bosch

July Group exhibition at Galerie in de Molen, Wassenaar

October Grafiek2019 Verandering – Alles Stroomt, Pulchri Den Haag


November Publication of ‘The building speaks its own language’, book about the radical and brilliant makeover of the faculty building of the Erasmus School of Law, Rotterdam, included the work I did on the 5th floor. 

Since September 2018 I’m weekly drawing the construction process of the OCC building; the new educational and cultural complex (Onderwijs- en Cultuurcomplex) in The Hague.

July: working period @ De Besturing where I build up a panorama woodcut consisting of 20 wood plates (each 120x240cm). The Exhibition of this Panorama Hesjtèk# in Panorama Mesdag has been postponed until October 2019