My work primarily concerns drawings and woodcuts, though I also love to experiment with different graphic techniques. These techniques include: cardboard print, blueprint or a combination of print and rubbing, collage and drawing.

Most of my work is about city-buildings or constructions. The speed at which cities change intrigues me, also the fact that a city is never finished but always is being designed and transformed into something new. Constructions give an impression of how a building is being mentioned, but they do not show the definitive building and leaves me some space for imagination. The lines are not yet fixed, but they look more like the searching lines of a sketch.

I spend a lot of time sketching in the city. I am always searching the horizon for cranes that lead me to some area where there is some transformation happening that I can draw. Those are the sketches I use for making my prints. In my woodcuts I search for the same aspects as sketching, the inspiration of a city that is never finished. I re-use parts of the wood plates by printing them over another plate or rubbing. By doing this, time and places are intertwined and new places and connections can being made.

Art academy Constantijn Huygens, Kampen (currently ArteZ Zwolle) BA
University of Leiden, Literature BA
Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, various courses (Spain).
Norh Karelian Politecnic, exchange program, Joensuu (Finland).

Masterclass Drawing by Nik Christensen, Drawing Centre Diepenheim
Honours class Seeing and Naming KABK The Hague
Veelvormige Typografie Gerard Unger, KABK The Hague
Residency Frans Masereel Centrum, Kasterlee (BE)
Lambe Lambe Woodcut Project, with Ernesto Bonato & Armando Sobral, Belem (Brasil)
Writing Poetry Project, nurse house Brielle (NL)

2018 Schemerzone en Luchtkastelen group exhibition Winkelcentrum Zaailand, Leeuwarden | GAA Drukt Door, Sint-Laurenskerk Alkmaar | Installation at Festival Aangeschoten wild, Lijm&Culuur, Delft | Stadsschouwburg Kampen (solo exhibition)
Ik ben Sot, Grafische Werkplaats The Hague | Conexões, Gravura Contemporânea, Museu da UFPA  Belem | Grafiek en de jonge kunstenaar, Willem II Fabriek Den Bosch | Le Mois de l’estampe, Graver Maintenant Paris
2016 Inkt, Van Abbehuis Enschede | Verbinding, Amsterdam House of Arts&Crafts | Grafiek zonder grenzen, Markiezenhof Bergen op Zoom | 1st International Print Biennial Łódź | Blauwdruk, Art The Hague | Grafiek, Haagse Kunstkring | The Survivors, Atrium The Hague| ArtUP Foire d’arte contemporain, Lille | Maand van de Grafiek in Meermanno, The Hague | Kunst a/d Scheene, Nijetrijne (solo exhibition).
2015 Open lab: boeken en zines, Grafische Werkplaats The Hague| Seasons, Willem II Fabriek Den Bosch| 20e Grafiekbiënnale, Sint-Niklaas | Maker Faire, Paris | Premio FIG014, International Print festival Bilbao | Willem II Fabriek Den Bosch (solo exhibition)
2014 2nd International Juried Print Exhibition, New Grounds Gallery Albuquerque | Grafiek en Ruimte, Pulchri Grafiek Biënnale Den Haag | Riso Wall, Grafische Werkplaats Den Haag
2013 Nationale Grafiekmanifestatie, Museum Nagele | Haagsche Kopjes, The Hague (solo exhibition)
2011 De Bornse Synagoge, Borne | Villa Escamp, Den Haag | Preva Zoetermeer+The Hague (solo exhibition)
2009 Galerie De Pomp, Warmond| Stadsgalerie Woudrichem | Galerie Ariane The Hague (solo exhibition)
2008 Out of Control, Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague
2007 Lost and Found, duo exhibition, Het Langhuis, Zwolle | Zorgvlietkerk, The Hague
2006 Het Tekenen, Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague | Gráfica Contemporánea, Centro Cultural Belem
2005 Universidad Politecnica Valencia | Al Pasar De Bornse Synagoge (solo exhibition)

2018 Inspiration classes at BO Carolusschool The Hague| lecture at ArtEZ Zwolle | Jurymember Jeugdgrafiekprijs GA Den Bosch
2017 – present
Member of the Exhibition Committee Grafisch Atelier Den Bosch
2017 Workshops Kitchen Litho at Museu da UFPA Belem, Museum Meermanno + GA Den Bosch
2016 Art Project at the Erasmus University of Law, Rotterdam | Education project Stroom Den Haag & Madurodam
2016 – present Museum teacher Gemeentemuseum The Hague | Museum teachter Grafische Werkplaats The Hague | Exhibition organizer Paper Biennial Rijswijk
2012 – 2018 Organisation Open Ateliers The Hague
2007 – present Museum teacher Museum Meermanno The Hague
2016 Organisation workgroup Blauwdruk (VOG platform for printmaking) | Jurymember of the Kitchen Litho Biennial 2016 (Fr).
2014/15 Organisation VLO-Festival, Art festival for kids, The Hague

Kitchen Litho Awards, 1st jury prize | 2014 BAS grafiekprijs, 2nd price | 2010 BAS grafiekprijs, 3rd price 2006 BAS grafiekprijs, 3rd price
2006 BAS grafiekprijs, 3rd price
2003 Allianz grafiekprijs, 2nd price

MEMBER OF: VOG grafiekplatform | Stroom Den Haag